The world's oldest marble producers in the Anatolian people, the rich color and texture marble reserves in Anatolia, throughout history the service of the people. Anatolia structures formed by stone, monuments continues to be a source of pride in the history of mankind even today. Our country is poised to become the world leader in terms of marble reserves are estimated to be 5.3 billion cubic meters. Stone house MARBLE & GRANITE our country who evaluate this potential and in 2003 with the aim of maintaining the traditions of Anatolia Stone house MARBLE & GRANITE with the name and decided to invest in this sector. Developing the product portfolio it holds in this direction has been able to offer more options to customers. Young, dynamic and our experienced and expert personnel, Stone house MARBLE & GRANITE to be No. 1 in the sector is advancing steadily and surely. As of 2014, monthly operating an average of 50 container exports and average 65 container imports Stone house MARBLE & GRANITE Iraq, Libya, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Azerbaijan, Romania and sells its products to many countries such as Turkmenistan.

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